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Are You Purr-fect enough?

Les Chats d'Élite
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Everybody wants to be a cat,
because a cat's the only cat
who knows where it's at.

Rules and Applications

Membership of this community is by application only. Do not attempt to join until your membership has been approved - the request will not be dealt with. Anyone is welcome to friend the community, however.

In general it is expected that the Cats themselves will apply directly to the community using their own LJ. However, if a good enough case can be made (preferably backed up with photographic evidence) an owner servant may type the application for them. Though this second form of application may result in community membership, it does not confer voting rights.

All applications should be made as a separate post to the community - you do not need to be a member to post.

When applying to the community, please include "Application" in the subject line, and provide the details listed below plus at least one picture of the applicant looking as gorgeous as possible. The first picture may be shown, if a decent size. Any others should go behind an LJ-cut reading "Am I Purr-fect Enough?" along with the rest of the application.

Details Required

- What is your name/nicknames:
- What sex are you:
- What type and colour are you:
- Describe your personality:
- What fabulous things have you done recently:
- What evil things have you done recently:
- What makes you think you're good enough to be one of us:
- Anything else you would like to add:

All fabulous cats need to get their requisite 16 hours of beauty sleep a day, so for the first few weeks applications may also include reasons why you should be given Moderator rights to this community. Early applicants are also likely to get an easy ride - we want to lull losers into a false sense of security before the claws really come out. Once we have enough fabulous members we can discuss our future tactics!

Due to interest expressed from beyond the grave, we will not discriminate against ghost, zombie or any other member of the feline undead - well, no more than we're going to discriminate against anyone!

Ratings will simply be yes or no - I think it will be quite obvious if you're up to snuff. Please give up to 3 days from your posted time to get stamped. Even if all the judges haven't given you a rating yet, you will receive a stamp based on the average of the scores you have at the time. If you are lucky enough to be accepted, you should then ask to join the community in the usual fashion and start judging your fellow felines - remember to keep an eye on the community so you can cast your vote!

Do not post or comment anywhere outside of your own application until stamped. If you're rejected you can bitch as much as you like, just don't expect us to care.

Once we've found enough cats that make the grade, we'll come up with other stuff to do just in case we get bored of being rude to the unworthy.

Your Host

Cat Graphics courtesy of I-Love-Cats.com
being purr-fect, ourselves, world domination